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[IP] An Odd Experience...

Had an odd experience today,at the doctors office.I
was witness to someone being diagnosed with type 1
diabetes..talk about weird.As I sat in the waiting
room,reading a magazine and observing everyone
else,the nurse called back this rather thin teenage
gal.I dismissed it as inconsequentle,but some 30 min.
later,as I sat waiting for my doc in an exam room
heard a commotion outside.I cracked open the door a
notch,this sounded too interesting to miss.(yes,I know
evesdropping isn't nice)3-4 doctors were engaged in a
lively discussion,the individual in question having a
blood sugar of 503,obviously ketotic,and in need of
immediate shipment to the ER.My jaw dropped,the
surprise of it caused a kind of flashback experience
to 4 yrs ago when I was the thin teenage girl
recieving that news.This is the first time I've ever
seen someone else dx'd with type 1,it was just too
    Heidi(whose blood sugar at the time was 117,and
glad of such..but thinking of a life forever changed today)

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