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Re: [IP] How Pumping Helped Me {Exercising w/ a Pump}

At 04:56 PM 9/24/02, email @ redacted wrote:
>It is important for me that the post exercide bolus be done before activity
>completion to ensure the presence of insulin in the bloodstream or else the
>liver will react by releasing glycogen.  The longer the delay, the higher the
>release.  A couple of times after biking for 4+ hours, I forgot to bolus, and
>my blood sugar shot up to 400+; could have been prevented if I had remembered
>to bolus a few units beforehand.
>Any other questions?

I don't think I get the glycogen release from the liver, or I've never 
exercised long enough for it to happen since I've never gone high after 
exercise.  In fact, years ago, before pumping, if I tested high, I just 
jogged in place for awhile which always brought my bg down.  Your method 
sounds good, but would work only for planned exercise and, with my life, I 
tend to do things on the spur of the moment.  I've had good results by 
bolusing half for my meal, then exercising (when I know I'm going to do so 
after the meal).  I also turn my pump off for the period of exercising and 
then just turn it back on when I'm finished.  I've never had to bolus prior 
to exercise for the exercise itself, that indeed would bring on a low for 
me.  I would guess that everyone reacts a bit differently to exercise.  I 
have to mention that I'm very insulin sensitive and mostly only use about 
24 total units of insulin (basal and bolus combined) in a day and I've 
never gotten into day-long exercise activities.

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