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Re: [IP] Novorapid Use


If I am correct, NovoRapid is the name used for NovoLog outside of the 
US like in Canada or the UK.  Also, if you don't have any problems with 
NovoLog, that is great.  It is definitely a YMMV(your mileage may vary) 
thing as you will learn from this list.  No too diabetics are alike.  We 
are all unique little snowflakes.   :-)  HTH


Arthur R Hoppie wrote:

>            I am a new pumper with a MiniMed Paradigm and am using NovoLog.
>My endo chose NovoLog over Humalog because NovoDisk sought and received FDA
>approval for NovoLog use specifically in insulin pumps.  Lilly developed
>Humalog for pumps but decided to fore go the FDA approval for use in pumps.
>That is what I was told.  I have seen a couple of comparisons of Humalog to
>NovoLog characteristics and in one write up the author was of the opinion that
>NovoLog was a bit better in several ways.  NovoLog acts a bit faster.  NovoLog
>reaches its peak activity in 40 minutes while HumaLog reaches its peak
>activity in 75 minutes.  This was said to be a benefit as it more closely
>matched food digestion.  Also it finishes affecting Bg sooner, by about one
>hour.  This info was at www.diabetesnet,net .  I am not familiar with the
>insulin  Novorapid.
>                                            Sincerely,  Rex
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