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[IP] meter ads (was mtm)

Laura wrote:
the ad (non-celebrity) that bugs me the most is
>the Freestyle one where the lady is talking about how blood glucose
>testing used to be "barbaric" and "hurt worse than her insulin shots"
>(before she got the Freestyle meter, of course!) -- implying that insulin
>shots are horribly painful.  Can those ads possibly be targeted at insulin
>users (who will probably just laugh because they know insulin shots are
>not that bad)?  Or are they aimed at non-insulin-using T2's who have a
>fear of going on shots (thus possibly increasing that fear)?
>Although we want the general public to understand that our condition is
>serious, I don't think any of us are served by ads that make our daily 
>care sound like massive physical torture.

Well, I have never seen the add, but this description seems pretty true to 
reality for me.  I think finger sticks hurt much more than the shots, and 
that sometimes they could actually hurt quite a lot.  And then, because I 
have always tested a lot, my fingers would often feel sore generally, not 
just after a test.  Then there was also the problem of my fingertips having 
such a small combined surface area, so I would have to test on spots that 
already hurt before I stuck them.  Now I test 10 to 12 times a day with my 
freestyle on my arm (which I would not have been able to get away with on my 
fingers) and it *never* hurts!  Sometimes I do get bruises, but not often (I 
actually find that if I do get one bruise, I will get several, which makes 
me think it might have something to do with my diet...), and they don't 
hurt.  I'd much rather look a little funky (from my bruises) than have my 
fingertips feeling like hamburger all the time (which did seem pretty 
barbaric to me).


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