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[IP] Kaiser & CBGM

Has anyone has problems getting their insurance companies to allow use of the CMGM?  Kaiser has a moniter they lend to patients for 3 days and I really think it would be beneficial to my control to use it.  However, I tried telling them I need it for athletics (I swim and play water polo for UC Davis) and they said since it's not water proof I can't use it (does anyone know if the sport guard would work for the CBGM?).  I then told them I'd stay out of the water and could use it for the other exercise I do, but they told me I'm too healthy (6.7 A1C was too low for them) and it wouldn't be worth the cost to them.  I hate this, they are so frustrating to deal with.  I tried everything with them and gave various reasons for it's benefits but it didn't work.  Anyone have any good arguments/ideas I could use?  I'm more frustrated with Kaiser than I am with diabetes!!!  They continue to do this type of thing to me where I have to fight for everything. It took me 6 months (and lots!
 of help from you guys) to get 8 strips a day out of them.  I also failed at getting a pump upgrade so that I could where my pump in the water since I'm in the water 3 hours straight during the school year and sometimes 6 hours straight during the summer (teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding).  Sorry for the complaining, just a little frustrated.  Thanks for any help and advice you may have!

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