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[IP] pancreas transplant article

Dear Ms, Creager

I read your recent article with interest, having been type I diabetic for 
almost 30 years, diagnosed at age 10, but according to Dr. Fasola, I have 
already been cured!

He said, in your article,  " We are interested in a cure for diabetes that 
will be like a tailor-made suit," Fasola said. "For some, it is insulin. For 
others, a pancreas, or islets."     

You are giving your readers FALSE information with this quote, because 
manufactured insulin injected into the skin, or inhaled by the new inhalers, 
or infused through the skin with an insulin pump, is NOT a cure.  Nor are 
those little pills like glugophage and avandia taken by millions of type 2.  
In fact, they are not even insulin - they are OTHER drugs that help a type 
2's body more efficiently utilize the insulin he or she does make

A real cure means freedom from putting the insulin into the body, such as 
with the patient who received the transplant.  The path to a cure, right now, 
lies in the direction of stem cells, particularly the embryonic ones, as 
studies have shown the adult ones are not capable of everything scientists 
thought they might.  

If insulin is a cure, then why is JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research 
Foundation) and the other organizations and research centers around the world 
still trying to find a cure, spending, apparently, redundant research dollars 
on something that has already been cured?  "Heck, we can all save our money, 
or donate it to "more worthy" causes, since diabetes has been "cured" by 
insulin."  This, I am afraid, is the impression this quote will give many 
readers who do not understand how diabetes works.

I would be grateful if you would print some sort of correction.


Sara Falconer
email @ redacted
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