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[IP] RE: weight loss

>Has anyone on the pump that uses Humalog experienced weight loss?  
> >know if it is because of the close watch on everything I eat for 
>bolusing or
> >if there is something to concern myself about using Humalog.  Any 
> >experiences? Thanks for any help.
> >Vivian & "Lumpy" my Paradigm

I did loose about 10 pounds over the course of 3 years after beginning the pump on Humalog.  But I believe it was the combination of being able to eat when I want (never HAVING to eat, unless there's a low), having less insulin circulating (I am no longer "feeding" my insulin like I was on MDI and also less hungry with less inuslin circulating), and keeping a closer watch on what and how much I'm eating.  I'm also able to decrease insulin before exercise as opposed to eating tons of extra CHO everyday for exercise alone.  Hope this helps!    


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