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Re: [IP] How Pumping Helped Me

At 02:35 AM 9/24/02, "trifona" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Today,  I still goto that same park. This time I  make the entire 5 mile
>trail look like child's play.  I have ridden my bike on a 54 mile trek w/o
>snacking or having a low blood sugar.  I lift Olympic free weights
>2x-3x/week. My entire outlook on life has changed because of this pump.
>Today i hide nothing from anyone.  I test 12+ times per day.
>My One Touch Ultra never leaves my side.  My A1C's are
>still in the same range as before, but this time it is without the aid of low

So, what is your method for exercise?  I still have problems with lows 
unless I have enough preparation time to let my bgs run up so that I don't 
go low during the exercise.  Spontaneous bike rides and such, even if I 
suspend my pump, I still go low before the ride is over and I have to carb 
up during it.  This doesn't help with weight loss, my endo told me that 
exercise would probably not help me to lose weight because of the lows, but 
that I would just get into better shape.

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