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[IP] Re: insulin pool

Dianne, hi!  I just wanted you to know you weren't alone in the lows 
yesterday!  I had a 38 immediately after supper.  I have this tendency to 
over bolus spaghetti.  I treated mine with a litre of Sprite--brought me up 
to a whopping 83 2 hours later.
My neighbor came over this morn saying he didn't feel well.  He was shaking 
like a leaf and had tested at 43 an hour earlier.  He went ahead and took his 
shot!  I thought he was going to pass out on me.  I had him sit down, gave 
him some Sprite then decided to check his bg--my glucometer said "Hi"!  I 
rechecked him and it said 551.  I made him give me the Sprite back!  I tried 
to tell him and his wife--who showed up about 30 min after he came over--that 
he needed to go see his dr or get to the er.  She took him home, put him to 
bed (I'm guessing on that one but almost certain) and then she went back to 
work!  He has been T1 for 26 years, he should know how to treat these highs 
and lows!  I think he misread his glucometer!  I tried to get him to take my 
spare pumps when I first met him but he said no, it wasn't for him.  So, when 
he complained this morn about the hassle of working late and not being able 
to "shoot up" and eat at the proper times I reminded him of how  flexible 
life on the pump can be.  Oh, well.  I just hope he's ok.  Think I'll get off 
line and call on him.

Debbie and Magnum I.P.
dx  3/63
pumping 3/2000
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