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[IP] Re: Stem-cells and ADA, JDRF

I also respect anyone's opinion regarding embryonic stem cell research,
but I'd like to add to the valid point that Donna makes regarding these
fertility clinics.  Those embryonic cells that are not implanted inside a
womb are terminated and thrown away.  This is much the same thing as what
happened to <fully developed> humans that were killed in car wrecks
before the days of organ transplants--except instead of the body (and
organs) being discarded, they were buried.  You cannot perform a liver
transplant surgery without a dead human being, but the liver transplant
surgery is not the reason the death occurred.  You cannot have embryonic
stem cell research without "killing" embryonic cells, but the research
is not the root behind the embryonic cells being formed and "killed."  I
don't want embryos created and killed for stem cell research anymore than
I want healthy non-drinkers to die in car ! wrecks for their livers. But
regardless of whether there is research going on or not, embryos *are*
being created and destroyed.  So my question is:  Why not get some sort
of medical gain with this tissue that is going to be destroyed anyway? Robert


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