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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect

>Way to go Liz!!!!   You get an A+, especially because your conclusion 
>fits perfectly with all my preconceived notions.  I too, believe the 
>pizza effect to result from people underestimating the amount of 
>carbs in pizza (i.e.,believing the incorrect data often supplied by 
>corporate america), coupled with a delayed GI coversion to glucose of 
>some of that carb).   Of course with me, the high BG later usually 
>results from the 3rd pint of beer, but that's another matter.
>  And your prize, should you choose to accept, is a 4th pint of ale 
>from the Baltimore Brewing Company the next time you are in town *S*
>- -wayne


While I'm sure that accounts for SOME occurances of the pizza 
effect...it isn't a good explanation.  In the years I've been observing 
this, it just doesn't make sense.

Look at it this way.  Let's say that an entire pizza has 300 carbs 
(I'll use nice numbers for the sake of examples.)  Let's say that I eat 
three pieces from the pizza, and it is cut into 12 pieces.  That works 
out to 25 carbs a slice (about what Little Caesars is), for a total of 
75 carbs.  However, since each slice may vary in size, there is some 
variation there by as much as an additional slice, or 25 carbs.  So, I 
could be anywhere from 50-100 carbs, though most likely closest to 75. 
I would bolus 9.3 units for that.  This works just nicely until about 3 
hours post-meal, when my BG shoots up.  SO, if I had eaten 25 more 
carbs than I thought, that would account for the additional 3 units I 
need to give via square wave.  However, why is it that I ALWAYS have to 
bolus extra in a square wave, even though other meals with identical 
carbs and even MORE protein (that value meal) do not? (Pizza has far 
less fat than other fast food, so that isn't a factor). If there was 
fluctuation in size...then SOME of the time I would be okay, and other 
times I would not.  But, I consistantly need it.

Some might say that I ALWAYS underestimate...but I get the same result 
if I eat a personal-sized pizza where I eat the entire thing myself, 
where no fluctuation is possible (such as a Baby Pan-Pan from Little 
Caesars). Or, perhaps I just always pick big pieces (which I don't).  
And, another intriguing thing is that the amount I have to square-wave 
bolus seems fairly consistant regardless of the amount of carbs I eat.  
If I eat only 3 pieces, I need to give that ADDITIONAL 3-4 units.  
WHereas if I eat 4 pieces and two breadsticks PLUS a glass of milk 
(which I've been known to do) I still have to give an additional 3-4 
units.  It is like the body releases the same amount of ADDITIONAL 
glucose into the body regardless of how much I ate. I only just 
recently discovered that 3 units is the magic number for me.  

The other thing is still why the DELAYED rise.  Few foods cause such a 
delay, even those with more protein and/or fat than pizza.  Little 
Caesars, for example, puts 2 cups of cheese on a large pizza.  That 
works out to about a half of a cup for three pieces.  LC says that they 
have about 9 grahams per slice, which is 27 grams of protein.  Just a 
double cheeseburger at BK has 32 grams, but with more fat...31 grams 
compared to 24 grams for 3 slices of pizza.  Add fries to that, and 
your fat grams shoot up, and carbs are equal to that of the pizza.  
Yet, the same amount of insulin for the BK meal is sometimes TOO much 
(not including the additional bolus for the pizza), probably on account 
of the fluctuation in the amount of fries.
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