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Re:[IP] how pumping helped


Thank you.  I did not mean for my post to intimate that the pump was 
responsible for my progress, only that it will be a hard sell for any competing 
pump, whether it be an IR1000, or the D-Tron, (the only pumps under 
consideration)to match up to the functionality, useability, simplicity, & 
overall durability that the H-Tron pump, has provided to me over the last 4 
years.  The pump has been a magnificent tool for me.  However, if a newer model 
doesnt offer the same benefits as I've outlined above, you can bet on it that I 
will be ordering another set of H-Trons.  There is a reason why this pump (its 
forefather the original H-Tron V100) has been around since 1991, like a piece 
of art it has stood up to the test of time.


"You have done a great job since that night of the Miss America pageant
 (GO Nicole), but I have to tell you that it is YOU and not the pump that has 
achieved teh 4 mile loop in the park and the weight lifting and all....IT is 
a machine, controlled and operated by YOU...it can HELP you, much like a 
calculator can help you do math, but the bottom line is YOU hold the keys and 
all the cards!  so give yourself more credit for your success, and KNOW that 
no matter what pump you choose as #2, it will  ONLY be as good as #1 if you 
keep up your efforts!  YOU GO!!!!

Sara (who is now running an 11:25 mile, compared to 15:30 when I started a 
month ago!!!  maybe there really is a Mary Decker Tabb inside this fat 
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