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Re: [IP] re:stem- cells, ada , jdrf

FYI, I'm against in-vitro fertilization for the same reason...

>would you please pretend that next year the jdrf announces that by 
>growing all the insulin-producing cells we'll ever
>need from just 10 eggs and diabetes is cured. would you take the cure?
>the embryos were taken from mothers who had in vitro fertilization so 
>were going to be discarded anyway, like they currently are.
>so if this list is reduced to 1000 people because people are being 
>left and right, would you still not get the cure because of your 
>reasoning? what other factors would need to be involved to influence 
>decision, if any?

This is truly a dilemma, and one I have put much thought into myself.  
Frankly, I will hope and pray it never comes to that.  But, assuming it 
did...what would I do?  Well, I haven't fully decided.

On the one hand, it would seem to support the very action that I'm so 
adamantly against...that being taking advantage of the death of another 
life for personal benefit.  I spoke with my wife about this about a 
year ago for a long time.

On the other hand, NOW that the "damage has been done", would NOT using 
the cure mean that the deaths of those lives were for nothing?  That 
the sacrifice, in a sense, that they made would then be in vain by NOT 
taking it?  

Herein lies the problem.  While we're pretending...imagine that there 
are actually TWO ways to cure diabetes...one of which involves 
embryonic stem cells, and the other way does not.  However, scientists 
FIRST discover a cure using embryonic stem cells.  Once that is done, 
would they even bother continuing to search for the cure that DOES NOT 
involve embryonic stem cells?  So, the cure that would NOT involve any 
moral issues is never found because they stopped looking?  That is my 
issue...and why I would prefer to support organizations that ARE 
looking outside embryonic stem cells.

Incidently, there are stem cells that aren't just adult stem cells that 
can be used but are also being neglected, which is stem cells found in 
umbilical cords, etc.  These stem cells are ALMOST as versatile as 
embryonic stem cells...but again, research is focusing on embryonic 
stem cells...at least, that is where money is going from the ADA and 
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