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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect

Way to go Liz!!!!   You get an A+, especially because your conclusion 
fits perfectly with all my preconceived notions.  I too, believe the 
pizza effect to result from people underestimating the amount of 
carbs in pizza (i.e.,believing the incorrect data often supplied by 
corporate america), coupled with a delayed GI coversion to glucose of 
some of that carb).   Of course with me, the high BG later usually 
results from the 3rd pint of beer, but that's another matter.
  And your prize, should you choose to accept, is a 4th pint of ale 
from the Baltimore Brewing Company the next time you are in town *S*

>  >   Liz, if you give the correct answers to these questions,we might be
>  >able to solve the mystery!  We need you.  Don't crack under pressure
>  >-wayne

<<<<<<<<<,Confessions of a professed non-pizza eater:
1) I don't pile on the cheese.  I like the crust to be thin and crisp.
2) I rarely eat pizza joint pizza because I don't like to bolus six units
for one lousy piece.  On the rare occasion that I do, I don't have a
delayed high bg (as long as I bolused appropriately from the start.)
3) Pizza from a commercial source is a lot bigger, with a thicker crust and
a lot more cheese. Exactly how much bigger, how much thicker, and how much
more cheese are all unknowns. This can make bolusing a crap shoot.  Yes, I
know the chains post nutritional values but I don't eat at the chains
because they make lousy pizza.
4) Dunno.  Find some in my area and I'll invite them over. Then we can do a
proper study.  I live in San Francisco.  Any volunteers? I have a bag of
ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pizza dough in the fridge. (YPPBGMV)
	I think the problem many people have with pizza and pasta is 
mainly due to two things: a] they don't count or bolus for all the 
carbs b] the high fat
content causes the carbs to be digested over a long period of time with
resulting slow rise in bg.
	How'd I do?	  Liz>>>>>>>>>>
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