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[IP] Diabetes Commercial

Does anyone remember the old commercial, I think they were run by Shoppers 
Drug Mart ( might be a Canadian thing) that had the doctor looking at you 
through a clear glass window type thing with a graph on it showing "you 
blood sugars" and the line on the graph was stretched out long for "good" 
bloddsugars, then he moved it up and down for the "bad" bloodsugars - this 
made the line really sort cause it was going up and down - then he said this 
line was our life espectancy, and if you have good blood sugars you'll live 
a normal life but if you have lots of high, you'll be dead alot sooner.  I 
first saw this when I was like 14 and we all know when your 14 your sugars 
go all over the place, we talked about it at our teen support groups and all 
the teens were VERY UPSET cause the commercial made it look like we'd be 
dead in 10 years cause of that high we had that morning.  Not sure what 
happened but I havn't seen one in like 5 years - luckily!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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