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[IP] Re:Mini-Med Customer Service

In a message dated 9/23/2002 11:41:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Could we hear some more of the GOOD stories about the pumps and pump
> > expieriences please?? 

Mini-med has recently given me some excellent customer service.  In June my 
507 suddenly just stopped working.  I contacted Mini-med customer support, 
while I was in the parking lot of a Sav-On changing batteries, they were 
extremely helpful as far as trouble shooting, calling me back every 10 
minutes on my cell phone etc.  It ended up that somehow my pump had static 
(not quite sure what that meant-I just knew my pump Died!)  Anyway 6 hours 
later when it finally started working and after many calls to Mini-Med to 
find me pump reps in my area I found out the warrenty had ended on my pump 
and it wasnt worth it to keep my 507 becasue the screen no longer showed all 
of the numbers.  About half the screen read normally and the other half was a 
bunch of lines...not good when trying to figure out a bolus.
My pump rep got back to me as soon as she got the message and allowed me to 
borrow a brand new minimed 508 pump while my insurance company decided if 
they would pay for a new one.  I ended up using the pump for a month!!!!  
Thank God (and Minimed) becasue I would have never made it back on injections 
for that long.....
So obviously I am happy with Mini-Med and will continue to use their products
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