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Re: [IP] Meter ads and paying for meters - giving away one too

> I agree at first glance this would imply that insulin shots are horribly
> painful, on the other hand would agree that testing was far worse than
> taking a shot. Since there target audience are diabetics, we are already
> familiar with pain involved with finger sticks, so comparing sticks to
> shots is probably not a  good comparison.

i would also say that since the vast majority of the target diabetics are
not insulin dependent diabetics (i think the estimate is 90% of diabetics
are type 2, and most of those would not be injecting), comparing the sticks
to (insulin) shots isn't a good comparison.  the testing lancets do normally
hurt more than my insulin needles, but a lot less than an intramuscular

what i'm so surprised to hear so frequently is that people are buying their
meters.  i haven't had to buy one yet, and i've received 4 so far.  i've
been able to get them free at the canadian diabetes association, from
various promotions from the meter companies, either through in store
promotions, mail ads or from their internet sites, and through the diabetes
clinic once.

oh yeah, if anyone wants a used-once precision xtra glucose meter - it can
also test blood ketones, but none of those strips came with it - email me
privately.  i don't think i'd be able to ship it to the u.s., so we'd better
just keep it in canada.  i got it free from a promotion coupon that came
with a medicalert money request.  i didn't like it much, but someone else
might.  it's got 9 test strips still, and a bunch of lancets.
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