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[IP] Re: Stem-cells and ADA, JDRF

>Ok Ryan I don't want to be negative here, so I will be informative. 
>Stem cell research is not limited to embryonic stem cells, they are 
>developing and using stem cells from your own body, hence eliminating
>the need for those nasty anti-rejection drugs.  Nobody has to die from
>the harvest of stemcells, and if someone can develope a way to create a
>new pancrease from our own fat (that's where they get the stem cells)
>then by all means make me a pancrease.  I think any research that
>promotes a cure is a positive step and if the good lord doesn't want it
>to happen then it won't.


I have no issue with adult stem-cell research.  But, right now, the 
money is going to support EMBRYONIC stem-cell research.  Separate work 
is being done in Adult Stem-Cell research...but for different things.  
There are obstacles to adult stem-cell research that need to be 
overcome.  So, the medical community has decided that instead of 
tackling that obstacle first, to just by-pass it and use embryonic stem-
cell research.

I can't support any such research, and would rather live with 
diabetes.  So, I'm trying to find alternative research areas.  For 
example, I'm sure there is plenty of research going on that does NOT 
involve embryonic stem cells.  So, how do I find out what that is?  I 
mean, stem cell research is rather new. Or, what about research NOT to 
find a cure, but to find better ways to treat diabetes?
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