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[IP] Ryan -stem cell research

You have a right to your opinion and how you spend your money. If you don't
want to donate to the major diabetic organizations, please consider donating
to this list. I don't believe that Michael receives enough money to be
funding research and it truly is a great cause. 

Oh just in case you didn't know (and I swear I am NOT trying to convince you
to change your feelings/mind). The embryonic stem cells come from fertility
clinics and these cells are "terminated" or "killed" after so many weeks,
regardless of whether they are used for research. Stem cell research does
NOT cause additional stem cells to be terminated/killed. This process has
happened since fertility clinics opened and will continue as long as
fertility clinics are open. They make lots of embryonic cells as 'back-ups'
and they are terminated when the successful pregnancy occurs. I, for one,
was not aware of this until I read up on the research. of course, this is
just FYI and I'm sure Michael would LOVE to have your donation. (He even
sends a personal thank-you!)

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