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[IP] Re: Could this be anxiety?

Gina wrote:

> Today about the last hour of my 3 hour dialysis run,

Wow! You get *only* three hours? I have 4!!! Last week we were on limited
3-hrs due to the closing of my center and the deaths in the news. Back to 4
and I hate every minute of it. :-( I do feel MUCH better, however. :-)

> I got extremely antsy.
> I felt like my blood pressure was dropping (it was 160/85) and they also
> check my blood sugar (241).

I do my own BGs there - they charge $14.52 each test!! Medicare doesn't pay
any of mine 'til 10/1/02 but I'll still do my own.

> It's not like I can just get up and walk away being
> hooked up to the machine with 2 15 gauge needles in my arm.

The filler needles on the MM reservoirs are 22g, for those wondering the
size of the 15g which to me feel like 10-penny nails, 14' long.

> I was thinking
> about asking my neph for some Xanax or something to that effect.  This
> not happen on non-dialysis days.
> Any ideas?

Would the Xanax help *during* an episode? Wouldn't it be needed *before* it
happened? Dunno.

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