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Re: [IP] Meter ads (was: mtm)

I agree at first glance this would imply that insulin shots are horribly 
painful, on the other hand would agree that testing was far worse than 
taking a shot. Since there target audience are diabetics, we are already 
familiar with pain involved with finger sticks, so comparing sticks to 
shots is probably not a  good comparison.

Regardless of this advertisement, I had no doubt to buy the Freestyle 
last night at 12:00am from the local Osco Drug, after some reject stole 
my Freestyle meter kit and gym bag, hope he enjoys the sweaty socks and 
meter supplies.... I'll was a little ticked last night, especially when 
I was purchasing the meter I was feeling a little shaky, I was at 50 
once I opened the new box, thank god for 24Hrs Pharmacies. Sorry to rant 
on, guess I should attach the meter to me somehow, or get cured!


Laura F. wrote:

> the ad (non-celebrity) that bugs me the most is 
>the Freestyle one where the lady is talking about how blood glucose 
>testing used to be "barbaric" and "hurt worse than her insulin shots" 
>(before she got the Freestyle meter, of course!) -- implying that insulin 
>shots are horribly painful.  Can those ads possibly be targeted at insulin 
>users (who will probably just laugh because they know insulin shots are 
>not that bad)?  
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