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[IP] Insulin Pool?

No, this isn't yet another delivery method - not yet -lol.  (Meet me at the 
insulin pool in 5 minutes and we'll take a dip.)

I had a serious insulin reaction yesterday.  One of the worst I've has in 
nearly 40 years as it lasted 2 hours, and I have little recall of what I did 
to treat it. I just hung on 'dining' on juice, milk and glucose tabs.  My 
higher conciousness kept telling me to sit down - this after my lower 
conciousness took a hard fall on a concrete floor on which I banged my head 
- hard.  I'm off to see about a concussion this morning.

I've had a lot of highs in the past few weeks for a number of reasons, 
treated with copious amounts of insulin and today I still cannot figure out 
what brought me so low so fast.  You know I've double checked the carbs and 
all that - and I check my BG often.  Could all that extra insulin for the 
past few days pool some place ?  Where does it go?  There's no bulge in my 
tubing, no dripping at the site (and no smell of insulin either)  I treated 
earlier highs and faulty infusion sets were the culprit - user error.

What causes those longer lows?  I last had a low like that when I was doing 
MDI and took a long acting insulin - 6 or more years ago.  I was just low 
enough (46) to be able to stand but too confused to know what to do.  (I had 
Oprah on the tv and thought I was on the show with Will Smith -- some 
show!).  Jeez.  Experiences like this terrify me, but you know, if I'd had 
some glucagon I don't think I'd have been able to use it - or know enough to 
use it.  Scary when you live alone.


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