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[IP] Update on the Twins

Would you remind us what infusion sets they use - including length of tubing
and needle?

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 20:29:20 -0500
From: "Chance Fisher" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Update on The Twins

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have not keep in touch with the list, between health problems and 
work, it has been chaos.

Since there was a few inquiries about the twin girls (Rosalie and Sophia), I

decided to give everyone an update.

Since the fire in June, it has been very difficult on the twins and their 
mother.  They lost everything and without insurance, insulin and pump 
supplies were hard to come by.  First, I would like to take this time to 
thank everyone on this list for their prayers, kind words and especially 
donations of pump supplies and insulin.  No matter how small you thought 
your donation may have been, it made a HUGE difference to these little 
girls!  I would also like to our a big thank you to Friends With Diabetes 
and Rabbi Meisels.  Members of this list were also so generous and offered 
many well wishes.  May everyone involved be blessed and healthy!!

Unfortunately, their mother fell while moving boxes to their new home in 
August.  She suffered a fractured ankle, collar bone and pelvis and had to 
endure a hospital stay. The twins stayed with myself and my fiancee for four

weeks.  They taught my fiancee the ins and outs of diabetes from a seven 
year old's persepctive....times two :)

They were reunited with their mother two weeks ago and seem to be settling 
in.  They come to visit us on Tuesdays and Fridays after school while their 
mother receives therapy for her fractures.  They are excelling in school.

They are still on the MM 508 pumps and are doing great.  The donations 
helped and contributed to them still being able to use their pumps.

So, it looks like things are improving for them slowly.  I still look here 
and there for extra supplies, Humalog and Novolog for them.  If I can help 
one or two children, then it was worth it.

And for the record, since there was a question about it....I am a Veterinary

Endocrinologist.  I am also a CDE and pump trainer on a volunteer basis for 
low income children.  AND don't let the first name fool you...I'm actually a

female, not a male :)

Thanks for everyone's help.

Chance Fisher

Dx in 1982, pumping since 1984
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