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Re: [IP] MM remote

Hi Heidi!
I've been pumping 3 weeks today.. and I love it!!!
I've been working closely with my CDE to get my basil rates right, but other
than that I seem to have a pretty good grip on it.  I (like everyone else!) go
through the pizza effect and chinese buffet highs.. restuarants are a little
tricky too, but I bought the CalorieKing 2002 book which has a ton of
foods/carbs listed.  I've found that to be helpful.
I'm starting with my first head/chest cold of the season and my numbers have
been a little higher than usual.. it's either that or because I've put my site
in my upper hip this time instead of my abdomen.  Have you ever noticed higher
sugar levels varying depending on where you put your site?
How have you been doing since pumping?  How long have you been dx?
-Lori  (38 years old .. dxd Feb`97 .. paradigm pump Sept`02)
Dear Lori-
I have had my paradigm pump since August 2002. How are things going for you?
 30 yrs old.
Orange County, CA
Heidi Hauseur
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