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[IP] Meter ads (was: mtm)

>Personally the BB King commercial bugs me...Not so much that he 
>doesn't talk about diabetes - he is type 2 I believe (not that that matters 
>= even "they" < vbg> hafta test). I think it is an effective ad. But then 
>my freidns and family ask me why i don't use that "easier" "painless" 
>meter and I have to explain why arm testing is not so good....and I 
>KNOW they don't understand.... 
On a related tangent -- the ad (non-celebrity) that bugs me the most is 
the Freestyle one where the lady is talking about how blood glucose 
testing used to be "barbaric" and "hurt worse than her insulin shots" 
(before she got the Freestyle meter, of course!) -- implying that insulin 
shots are horribly painful.  Can those ads possibly be targeted at insulin 
users (who will probably just laugh because they know insulin shots are 
not that bad)?  Or are they aimed at non-insulin-using T2's who have a 
fear of going on shots (thus possibly increasing that fear)?  
Although we want the general public to understand that our condition is 
serious, I don't think any of us are served by ads that make our daily self-
care sound like massive physical torture.  Such ads will probably only 
increase the incidence of those "Oh, I could never give myself shots" 
comments from non-diabetic friends who see the ad and think diabetes 
care must just be unbearable.
Plus, I don't even think forearm testing is any less painful than fingerstick 
testing.  I used the Freestyle for about a month before switching to the 
Ultra, and the only advantage I saw to using my forearm was that it 
didn't leave me with bleeding fingertips (though it did sometimes leave 
me with a bleeding forearm!), and it gave my pricked-to-death fingers a 
bit of a break for awhile.  But, whenever I tested on my forearm it left 
little red marks and sometimes bruised.  In any case, I can't get enough 
blood on my forearm for the Ultra, so I'm now back to just fingersticks, 
which is fine for me.  
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