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[IP] Re: Halle Berry

>But the secrecy and misinformation surrounding Halle Berry is 
>ridiculous. It would be better if her medical condition was never 
>publicized at all

I actually didn't even know she had diabetes until a couple months ago 
when I saw it mentioned on a diabetes newsgroup (not that I'd ever 
followed her career all that closely).  

As far as "keeping it under wraps" -- I wonder whether that would be a 
realistic possibility for anyone in the public eye.  If she tried to hide it, it 
would inevitably end up in the tabloids (probably horribly distorted), and 
that would definitely be worse IMO.  

As for the "insulin pills" reference in US magazine (I didn't see the 
magazine, just the mentions of it here) -- I can't imagine she or her 
publicist would ever have put something like that out! At least I hope 
they wouldn't!  I'd guess the mistake was on the part of the magazine 
writers and editors (SOMEONE should have caught the fact that there's 
no such thing as an "insulin pill"!)  Was this a current/recent issue?  If so, 
hoepfully she or her publicist will write to the magazine and correct the 
misinformation, if for no other reason than just so thousands of insulin-
using diabetics don't have to field questions such as "why don't you go 
on those insulin pills instead of taking shots?"

Anyway, I really can't point fingers at *anyone* for not being outspoken 
about their diabetes, as I'm pretty private about it myself (not saying 
that's a good thing).  Since she's in the public eye and in a position to do 
a lot of good, I agree that it would be nice to see her be a little more 
vocal about it.  But, that has to be a personal decision on her part.  

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