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[IP] How Pumping Helped Me

I started pumping using the Disetronic H-Tron Plus in February 1999 just
before my 22nd birthday; Type 1 since 1985..

In my former life, when I was on 2-3 shots/day of Regular/NPH, I was very
inactive, with little athletic endurance.  My A1C's were always good
(5.x-6.x), but that was because of my consistently low glucose levels.
During childhood & adolescence most of my time was devoted to keeping my
diabetes a secret.  I never tested my glucose in school (3rd - 12th grade).
My blood sugar would ride rollercoasters for years out of my fear of
rejection.  I remember feeling low, sometimes, upto an hour before
lunchtime, with no glucose or sugar at hand, and at other times, feeling
like I was 300+ until I could get home and give some extra Regular.  The
cycle would repeat daily for years

Things got better in college, I started carrying a glucose monitor with me
to classes and out.  Still, I would only test in the restroom.  Walking
around a mall for 40 minutes and trying on some clothes could by itself
bring on the shakes.  On my first trip to a local state park when I first
started MDI in the fall of 1998, I remember having to eat a sandwich after
walking 1 mile on the trail to chase the low blood sugar.  Then something
happened.  One night I watched a Miss America Pageant where the winner wore
a tiny beeper like device called an insulin pump.  I had heared of these
things before, but always thought they were the size of bricks.  This
discovery set into motion a chain of events that would change my life.

Today,  I still goto that same park. This time I  make the entire 5 mile
trail look like child's play.  I have ridden my bike on a 54 mile trek w/o
snacking or having a low blood sugar.  I lift Olympic free weights
2x-3x/week. My entire outlook on life has changed because of this pump.
Today i hide nothing from anyone.  I test 12+ times per day.
My One Touch Ultra never leaves my side.  My A1C's are
still in the same range as before, but this time it is without the aid of low

My Disetronic pump has been flawless for nearly 4 years.  I am now
investigating a new pump purchase.  However, it will be a hard sell for any
pump to do the things that the Disetronic H-Tron Pump does for me.
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