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[IP] Could this be anxiety?

Today about the last hour of my 3 hour dialysis run, I got extremely antsy.  
I felt like my blood pressure was dropping (it was 160/85) and they also 
check my blood sugar (241).   My blood pressure started out at 173/83 so it 
had not moved much.  My blood sugar also did not move much, I started out 
with a sugar of 250.

The only other thing I can attribute to how I was feeling would be anxiety??  
I have had panic attacks in the past, but never in the dialysis chair and 
there was also something to trigger the attack. Usually confined spaces with 
lots of people and I usually get sweaty, light headed and pukey feeling.  
This did not happen today, just a very antsy feeling, like if I had to sit in 
that chair for one more minute I would explode.

Does anyone else have this feeling (regardless of where you are) and if so, 
what do you do about it?  It's not like I can just get up and walk away being 
hooked up to the machine with 2 15 gauge needles in my arm.  I was thinking 
about asking my neph for some Xanax or something to that effect.  This does 
not happen on non-dialysis days.

Any ideas?

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