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RE: [IP] MiniMed Customer Service

Your post is like many others I have seen over the last 10 months. Minimed
has outstanding, above and beyond customer service, but believe without
exception, these rave reviews and comments of MM going the extra mile are
from a time prior to the Medtronic's acquisition.  I would love to hear from
a MM fan with a story like yours, but from within the last 6 months. I'm
sure with the number of MM pumps in the market place, there has to be some.
I have had 3 above and beyond the call of duty from Animas in the last 6
months, but anymore, I don't think it's above and beyond, just the way they
do business.

-----Original Message-----
From:  Bonnie A. Stone

After reading some of the posts about customer service, I wanted to put
in my own 2 cents worth.  As a diabetes educator, I deal will all of the
pump companies, and therefore, at one time or another, all of their
customer services lines.  As the mother of a teenage pumper, I have
contacted each company at times, as my daughter has tried pumps from
Minimed, Animas and Diestronic

MiniMed, in my opinion, has the very best customer service I have
encountered.  Yes, they have had organizational changes which has
sometimes put me on hold longer than experienced previously.  But their
attention to detail, follow-up and knowledge base is worth the wait.

Two years ago, I was in Atlanta, attending one of the first Paradigm
training sessions.  My 13 year old daughter was home in Maine, when she
got an alarm on her 508 which she could not figure out and which along
with stopping her pump, erased all her basal rate information.  She
could not remember her basal rates and could not reach me at the time.
 She called the customer service line for help.  When they learned that
she did not know what her basal rates were nor where to find them in my
records, they contacted her physician in Maine.  They called my daughter
back with the rates and stayed on the line to help her re enter them.
 They then had her verify her readings over the phone and advised her to
be seen by her physician asap to also have them verified.  And...they
were able to track me down at their training session in Atlanta to
inform me of what had happened.
This was above and beyond the call of duty, but I have found them to do
similar deeds for many of the patients I see.  Other companies have good
pumps also, but could take some lessons from Minimed.

Bonnie Stone
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