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[IP] A Small World Story

I spent all last weekend at a music festival in
southern Kansas.  I camp out for 7 days in a field
with about 15,000 of my closest friends around me.  We
talk to our camping neighbors, make friends, share and
drink lots of cold barley soup (beer), and play more
music than is legally allowed in Kansas.  It is the
best vacation anyone could ever have (okay - best if
you really like bluegrass, old-timey, folk, celtic,
whatever acoustic music).

After I had settled into my campsite (with my sisters)
for about 3 days - 3 guys from Arkansas lay claim to
the spot next to us.  We laughed so hard with them I
thought my sides would never heal.

One night after crawling into my tent at some early
(er late) morning hour - one of my sisters said - "HEY
- Tom who is camping next to us is diabetic too!"

(Won't bore you with how she found out).

Next morning (hmm, that would have been yesterday
(Sunday)) when I crawled out of my tent - my buddy Tom
was up making coffee.  We got to talking and I
mentioned that I had heard we had something in common.
 He has been diabetic since 1955 (at the age of 5). 
He's had a kidney txplnt, but is healthy.  He tried a
pump for 2 years, but he rejected the infusion sets so
is back on MDI.

He was such a sweetheart.  Gave me a big hug and told
me to keep in touch and let him know that I'm still
doing well & still alive (okay, when you're working on
NO sleep folks can get a little weepy).  

Here's the amazing part for me - I've not met one
single other type 1 in over 25 years (since those
summer camp days).  Incredible that there I was in the
middle of nowhere and met a kindred soul.

Just thought I'd share my feel-good story.

-gail back in denver
dx'd 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish

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