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[IP] re: Follow up to Poor MM Customer Service

During my drive back to Denver today I got a return
phone call from the Sales Rep in the Wichita region. 
He had NO IDEA that the message on his machine was
from SUNDAY!  He was very nice & offered to bring me a
new infusion set - but I had already been on the road
for 6 hours and was 2 hours from Denver by then! Would
have been a very long drive for him! :-)

The trouble with having to wait for a call back from
MM's emergency # was that I was in a place that did
NOT have a telephone (this was RURAL Kansas).  I was
on cell and was out of range.  Since I had no idea
when someone would ever call me back - I had to insist
that the answering service put me through right away. 
(I posted the original message from my niece's house -
about a 30 minute drive from where I was supposed to

I survived the night on NPH - this is the first time
I've gone without my pump for more than a couple of
hours in probably 10 years.  I vaguely remembered that
once upon a time I took 11 units of NPH to get me
through the night.  It seemed to work = woke up to a
118 BG.  Guess I'm not losing my long-term memory just
yet.  My BG stayed under 160 all the way back to
Denver on MDI every two hours.  Now I remember why I
hated dealing with injections.

Laura - Great suggestion for checking the where folks
are from page.  I was panicked and didn't think to try
that page.  Next time I'll know!

-gail back in Denver
dx'd 02/14/72 @ age 11.  pumping since 1985-ish.

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