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[IP] Re: Stem-cells and ADA, JDRF

> Out of curiosity, why are you against stem cell research? I am not wanting
> start anything about it, I am just curious to find out the reasoning so
> I can make a more informed decision.

My goal here isn't to start anything...but I am truly looking to see if
there are alternative organizations.  As far as why, I personally, don't
support it...well, because I see life as beginning at conception.  Embryonic
stem-cell research REQUIRES that you kill embryos and/or early fetuses.  The
death of a life in order to find a cure to IMPROVE the life of another just
isn't worth the trade off.  I value life far more than that.  Anyhow, that's

But, in general, I'm not against STEM-CELL research...just embryonic
stem-cell research.  Unfortunately, almost all stem-cell research at this
point is focusing on embryonic stem-cell research.

> If you are against stem cell research.  I will not ask you why or why not,
> I do know if you not not want your $$$ to go to stem cell research with
> ADA you can tell them you not not want your $$$ going to that. But would
> to see it go to support the other ADA education programs and camps. You
> tell them only for this program and that will be the only progran it will
> too. I can not tell you about JDRF because I'm not sure about the way
> are funded. I'm a past prez of  a ADA Chapter.

That's nice in theory...but in practice, the money still goes to support the
stem cell research.  How?  Well, the overall budget ot he organizations is
allocated.  So, if I say, "I don't want my money to support such or such" or
"I only want my money to go to support camps", etc., then someone else's
money who hasn't allocated where it should go will go to the stem cell
research because a portion of mine did not.  So, by supporting any aspect of
them, you still end up supporting stem-cell research.  So, I'm left with not
supporting either in any way, and I don't know of any alternatives.

If it weren't for their position on embryonic stem-cell research, I would
have no issues with supporting either.
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