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[IP] Re: Pizza effect

At 11:28 AM 9/23/02, you wrote:
>Now, you say that the meat on pizza causes the pizza effect more than
>without meat, and you have just veggies. It might, then, be a certain
>COMBINATION of foods.  Or, meat (assuming Pepperoni or sausage) might
>contain a different kind of fat than, say, hamburger.  But, then again,
>I can eat a Sausage biscuit in the morning without a delayed rise.

I wasn't saying it was the meat that caused the problem, I do use pepperoni 
or ham when I make pizza at home and sometimes chose either on pizza 
out.  For me, I think the vegetables have something to do with it.  Whether 
it's because they add more fiber to the meal, I don't know, but they do 
seem to make a difference.

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