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Re: [IP] easy on, easy off

At 04:44 AM 9/23/02, Sara wrote:
>over the years, i have slipped back into my lazy ways, and it shows....I
>round my bolus' to the nearest .5 and so am sometimes OVERinsulinating
>myself...which means i will be slightly low, and then need to eat more and so
>gain weight

I have no choice but to round my bolus to the nearest .5 since my 
Disetronic is set to .5 increments.  Such is the downside of an H-Tron 
Plus.  *sigh*  Interesting thing for me, exercise is not the answer either 
unless I can plan well in advance for it since even turning my basals off 
on my pump is not enough to keep me from going low during the exercise.

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