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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect

At 09:17 AM 9/23/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >Yes, so now we are at the crux of the matter.  You don't have this
 >delayed response with your own pizza.  Even when you pile on the
 >cheese?  Did you ever have it with pizza from a pizza joint?  And
 >what do you think is different about that from a commercial source?
 >Do you think if one of the people with delayed pizza reactions (your
 >postpizza glucose may vary-- YPGMV) ate your pizza they have this
 >   Liz, if you give the correct answers to these questions,we might be
 >able to solve the mystery!  We need you.  Don't crack under pressure

Confessions of a professed non-pizza eater:

1) I don't pile on the cheese.  I like the crust to be thin and crisp.

2) I rarely eat pizza joint pizza because I don't like to bolus six units 
for one lousy piece.  On the rare occasion that I do, I don't have a 
delayed high bg (as long as I bolused appropriately from the start.)

3) Pizza from a commercial source is a lot bigger, with a thicker crust and 
a lot more cheese. Exactly how much bigger, how much thicker, and how much 
more cheese are all unknowns. This can make bolusing a crap shoot.  Yes, I 
know the chains post nutritional values but I don't eat at the chains 
because they make lousy pizza.

4) Dunno.  Find some in my area and I'll invite them over. Then we can do a 
proper study.  I live in San Francisco.  Any volunteers? I have a bag of 
ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pizza dough in the fridge. (YPPBGMV)

I think the problem many people have with pizza and pasta is mainly due to 
two things: a] they don't count or bolus for all the carbs b] the high fat 
content causes the carbs to be digested over a long period of time with 
resulting slow rise in bg.

How'd I do?

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