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Re: [IP] MiniMed Customer Service

>Two years ago, I was in Atlanta, attending one of the first Paradigm 
>training sessions.  My 13 year old daughter was home in Maine, when she got 
>an alarm on her 508 which she could not figure out and which along with 
>stopping her pump, erased all her basal rate information.  She could not 
>remember her basal rates and could not reach me at the time. She called the 
>customer service line for help.  When they learned that she did not know 
>what her basal rates were nor where to find them in my records, they 
>contacted her physician in Maine.  They called my daughter back with the 
>rates and stayed on the line to help her re enter them. They then had her 
>verify her readings over the phone and advised her to be seen by her 
>physician asap to also have them verified.  And...they were able to track 
>me down at their training session in Atlanta to inform me of what had 
>This was above and beyond the call of duty, but I have found them to do 
>similar deeds for many of the patients I see.  Other companies have good 
>pumps also, but could take some lessons from Minimed.
>Bonnie Stone

Thanks Bonnie!!  I think we all tend to talk more when were angry and upset 
so we tend to hear more of the bad then the good.  I am getting a Blue mini 
med paradigm and nobody can convince that it is the wrong choice I have been 
thinking about getting a pump for 2 years now and never have I thought about 
going with another company.
Could we hear some more of the GOOD stories about the pumps and pump 
expieriences please??  I know there are tons of people who are viewing alls 
these post and aren't putting there 2 cents worth in, wether it be they 
don't want to or are don't want to confront all the Anti -MiniMeds out 

This post put a smile on my face and reassured me that I AM making the right 
choice, now if only my insurance would agree!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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