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tammy wrote
> nice for her to advocate like some of these other stars doSNIP the way 
> Jerry Lewis advocates for MD, or some of the other stars do for AIDS

well first of all, back in the 70s it was not COOL to admit to a disability 
like diabetes...ESPECIALLY when it might keep you from getting a job...oh she 
blacks out on the set if we don't feed her regular - don't hire her...

It is always easier to advocate for something when you don't personally have 
it -  the response seems to be better...Jerry Lewis does great with the 
telethon and the AIDS campaign, with Liz and all those stars is 
phenomenal....WE need a Liz for us.  MTM is great, but she is NOT big enough. 
 Even Miss America, the pump wearing Nicole Johnson wasn't big enough to alst 
more than the year...What would be AWESOME right now is if Halle Berry would 
come out of the cloest more honesty (US Magazine reported she stayed so thin 
by sticking to a real strict "diabetic" diet and taking her "insulin" pills). 
 She is young beautiful and has a lot of power right now - kinda like a young 
Liz Taylor....

Personally the  BB King commercial bugs me...Not so much that he doesn't talk 
about diabetes - he is type 2 I believe (not that that matters = even "they" <
vbg> hafta test).  I think it is an effective ad.  But then my freidns and 
family ask me why i don't use that "easier" "painless" meter and I have to 
explain why arm testing is not so good....and I KNOW they don't 

so, come on out Halle - lead us to a victory over diabetes...Even the 
Carousel Ball doesn't raise the amount of money the Labor Day Telethon or any 
of those big AIDS things raise.....this is America - we need our BIG movie 
stars to help us raise money.

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