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[IP] sets coming out

Angela wrote:
> I've been pumping since June SNIP infusion set comeout of my 
> skin twice since June, SNIP I'm very active, thin, and use silhouette 
> infusion sets.   SNIP  I use the IV3000 prep tape around my site
> SNIP what is more dangerous to your health?  Having semi-erraticblood 
> sugars occassionally (as I did on shots) or having this happen sayonce 
> every few months?  

The answer to your question, wihtout doubt is...THIS is better....a high 
blood sugar now and then is NOT gonna kill you, despite what some people 
might think.  Sure you will feel like crap, trust me, we ALL know how you 
feel. but you just keep going on, and hope for better tomorrow....the world 
is not gonna stop revolving because of an errant high blood sugar!!  really  

I am impressed it has only happened twice to someone so relatively new to the 
pump...I pulled two out in my first month....hell, once I pulled two out in 
the same day.  Now, THAT sucks.....

Question, how and where do youput tape around a silhouette?  If I  put tape 
over it, it won't be disconnectable, and that is why i LIKE the sil.  And, 
have you tried the bent needle set?  they used to get lots of postive 
reaction from skinny people ...I love them, myself and still use them 
occasionally, but don't like the little tail from teh disconnect.

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