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[IP] Ultraflex Users

RoseLea wrote:
I have tried the UltraFlex again and again with poor results.  I finally
gave up on them and switched to the QuickSet which I find much easier to
handle and insert.  The one thing I noticed with the UltraFlex was that
they did not insert smoothly, perhaps because of the thicker cannula.  I
found that they would go in, hang up, and I would have to push again to
complete the insertion.    Most of the time this resulted in a bent
cannula.  The QuickSets, for me, insert much more smoothly and easily.


I had exactly the opposite findings for me which shows everyone should just
KEEP TRYING to find the best set for themselves.  Please don't give up on a
particular set after just one use and a bad reading.  I have an Animas pump
and  originally used Comforts/Sils but with all my exercise found blood in the
cannula and crimped cannulas almost daily.  I tried the Ultraflex with real
good results; but when the Quickset became available with a shorter cannula
than the Ultraflex I wanted to try it also.  Got some samples and they worked
fine so I ordered a couple boxes of Quick Sets and then I ended up with
crimping on insertion on almost half of the sets so I went back to the
Ultraflex which does seem a bit sturdier in insertion.   So it shows - JUST
KEEP TRYING EVERYONE and you will eventually find the right set for you.
Please don't get discouraged and give up.  AND - on the insurance thing - just
keep pestering them also - I have Wellmark/Blue Cross and have gotten supplies
from Animas, Dis and MM and have gotten them paid at the same rate by my
insurance on all companies.  Don't settle for less than your insurance owes
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