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Re: [IP] Mary tyler moore, her contribution to diabeasties.

I wasn't meaning to "pick" on Mary Tyler Moore.  Yes, I agree, she's done more than anyone else to bring attention to Type I diabetes.  What I'm saying is, when she was younger, it would have been nice for her to advocate like some of these other stars do.  For example, the way Jerry Lewis advocates for MD, or some of the other stars do for AIDS, the annual fundraiser all the Harley Riders have, even the older black gentleman, who is it, BB King.  You see him on tv 24/7 playing his guitar advertising some kind of blood glucose monitor.  Why can't he, while he's at it, say a few things about Type I and how serious it is, etc., to make the general public aware of Type I.  The media needs to be deluged with Type I info the way some of these other diseases are and I'm just saying at one time MTM had the media exposure to do that.  


In a message dated Sun, 22 Sep 2002 5:03:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted writes:

> As for Mary Tyler Moore, she's doing a lot more for
> diabetes than most people. And she's doing it alone.
> Cut her some slack. Other famous people with diabetes
> could help contribute to 'the cause' but aren't.
> --------------------------------------------------------------- Some folks
> who have diabetes never come clean that they have it. They are afraid that
> it will become an issue for people to get off on it. I'm not famous, but I
> still don't tell folks I have the crud. Idon't want them to imply that I got
> someplace because of it. MTM is almost blind at this point 
> in her life and
> has been quite ill recently, Pick on another star.
> A. L. Bender, M. D.
> email @ redacted
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