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[IP] Ultraflex Pizza

Dr. Wayne, et al
I'm having problems eating stuft crust pizzas (large) while using the 
Disetronic infusion sets.  Do you think I should exchange my diabetes
for another disease?

You're just talking about not touching the teflon with needle - NOT the 
larger plastic 'needle/cannula'cover.  I actually got one in that worked the 
other day.  One of my issues is that my CDE told me to give my tummy area a 
rest, it's fatty ( too much pizza but that's another post-lol) anyway I got 
the Ultraflex and Rapid disconnects at the same time and just ordered my 
regular 10mm length, add that to illness, infusion sets adhesive falling off 
my sweaty, exercising body, and my annual fall basal adjustments and it's 
been toughie. The crunch of the variables.

I now think maybe the wrong size for the new area.  Checking it out as we 
speak.  I am so greatful I have a brain that can deal with these things - 
along with the other 2000 brains on this list <g> -- I can't imagine what 
mentally challenged people must go through.

Thanks for everyone's help.  I'm exhausted and going back to bed, right 
after a pizza feast -lol.

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