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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect

Yes, so now we are at the crux of the matter.  You don't have this 
delayed response with your own pizza.  Even when you pile on the 
cheese?  Did you ever have it with pizza from a pizza joint?  And 
what do you think is different about that from a commercial source? 
Do you think if one of the people with delayed pizza reactions (your 
postpizza glucose may vary-- YPGMV) ate your pizza they have this 
   Liz, if you give the correct answers to these questions,we might be 
able to solve the mystery!  We need you.  Don't crack under pressure

	<<<<<<<But underestimating the carbs is a simple problem with 
a clear symptom and a clear solution.  My impression is that some 
people have a more
complicated problem with pizza, which causes their blood sugar to be normal
2 hours post pizza, but skyrocket later.
	Personally, I don't experience this, probably because when I 
do eat pizza it's the stuff I make myself.  Fois gras I have a 
problem with! (but not
very often)
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