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Re: [IP] easy on, easy off - appetite suppressants

> and I would think, with doctor's supervision, you COULD take the appetite
> suppressants.  why not?  if they help and your doctor is helping you, as
> should be, and in conjunction with a decent diet, maybe they could be your
> key to success...but I still think it is exercise...

imho, avoid meridia like the plague!  i forget the proper drug name for it,
but it's that prescription medication that's supposed to help you feel full
sooner.  i found that not only did it not suppress any appetite, it probably
worsened it, since my anxiety levels at least tripled (anxiety being one of
the side effects), and anxiety has often been an eating trigger for me.
it was also far too expensive, and my school insurance wouldn't cover it.  i
went off of it, and felt better within a few weeks.
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