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Re: [IP] Weight loss question

In a message dated 9/23/02 1:18:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> .  It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle changing process, and not 
> something that happens overnight.  

    Hmmm..sounds exactly like the "roadmap" to living well with 
diabetes!.....I too have lost 20 lbs on WW from 2 years ago.....in January 
2002, I saw that a few lbs were creeping back on, so I returned & lost even 
more than I had a year earlier, but because I made it a "lifestyle changing 
process" to quote you, I even made it to Lifetime this time, for the first 
time ever ( considering I've probably joined 15 times in the past 35 years!)
    Meanwhile, Melissa was having a "woe is me" day yesterday & hadn't yet 
had dinner & was considering getting a pizza, even though she'd overiindulged 
the night before on pizza & felt stuffed afterwards...I suggested that 
instead of being UNkind to herself, that if she chose something like a turkey 
sandwich on whole wheat, not only would it be better for her health, her 
blood sugars, her ability to focus on her school work, etc...but also on how 
she felt about being KIND to herself....when we spoke later (she's in NYC in 
college) she sounded better & said she HAD listened to me (this time!) & got 
the sandwich!!
    Phew....guess I got lucky that time! LOL
Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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