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Re: [IP] Sara smarty pant's question about glucose metabolism

Susan wrote:
What would happen if someone took too many amino acids?
I'm wondering because I was taking very large quantities of trytophan, then 
shortly after that I was diagnosed with type 1. I've found out a couple of 
things since then.
When you take tryptophan, you need enough vitamin B6 to metabolize it. If 
you don't have B6, the partially metabolized tryptophan turns into a 
substance that bonds to insulin, rendering it ineffective....
Funny.  I was taking tryptophan right before I was diagnosed with type 1 also.
 I "thought" I read quite a while ago that there was a connection, but now I
cannot find any article relating the two.  Is anyone aware of any theoretical
relationship between Diabetes and tryptophan?

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