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[IP] mtm

laura wrote about the evil ballet teacher and MTM's role model-ship:
>She proved them wrong time and time again, as have a few others in the arts.

Believe me, the pump is what made it possible for me to act, direct and 
design dozens of professional and community theatre shows, run my own theatre 
company, write shows for a very demanding cruise ship producer, attend 
non-union rehearsals (read: no break), followed by dinner at 11pm....post 
performance breakfast at dennys at 1am....
go through an entire 3 hour performance without time for a potty break thanks 
to the stupid costume designer....THAT couldn't have happened pre-pump!

I suppose in the "real" world, with "real" bed times, and "real" meal times, 
and "real" meals, and of course, those nice predicatable "real job" pay 
checks, diabetes can be a bit easier to manage....I am so glad I have not had 
to give up what I have wanted to do since I was 8 cuz I have a diabetes

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