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[IP] easy on, easy off

Erin wrote:
> I have put on some weight since going on the pump (I had some 
> extra weight even before pumping).  I know that the reason is that 
> I always seem to be hungry (I have always been a "good eater") 

I know you know this, god knows we ALL know this, but there is no easy way to 
lose weight and having diabetes makes it even harder.  I, too, struggle with 
the weight thing, and as hard as it is, you MUST control your "good" (tee 
hee) eating habits if you wanna lose weight, AND you MUST exercise.  once you 
figure out what your base caloric requirements are, you have to eat less than 
that (but not too low), AND you have to exercise...

Perhaps your basals are just slightly too high and you are eating UP to 
them...if you eat more than your body needs and dont exercise it away, it 
will get stored as fat, and extra insulin helps that.

Have you tried logging every bite you put in your mouth?  when i started 
pumping i wrote down EVERYTHING from size to calories to fat to carbs...and 
bolused to the nth degree....no rounding up to the nearest .5......and in 2 
months had lost 8 pounds...went to Europe for a month and lost another 7 
eating chocolate and croissants, but bolusing properly and exercising a 
LOT..(mountain climbing with a 32 pound back pack does wonders for your 

over the years, i have slipped back into my lazy ways, and it shows....I 
round my bolus' to the nearest .5 and so am sometimes OVERinsulinating 
myself...which means i will be slightly low, and then need to eat more and so 
gain weight

it is a CONSTANT struggle and not one that pills or fad diets can help us 
win...dammit it all....

and I would think, with doctor's supervision, you COULD take the appetite 
suppressants.  why not?  if they help and your doctor is helping you, as he 
should be, and in conjunction with a decent diet, maybe they could be your 
key to success...but I still think it is exercise...

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