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Re: [IP] Follow-Up Qs on Crimped Cannula Suggestions

> Thank you for the suggestions.
> Michael, maybe I'm being dense, but I'm having trouble picturing
> what you are saying about inserting perpendicular to the muscle
> movement.  Do you mean that if I were going to insert in my thigh, I
> should be going from side-to-side, rather than up-to-down?  Come to
> think of it, I always go from side-to-side when I use my tummy, but
> up-to-down on my legs and hips.

Yes, exactly BUT, the muscles are not really side to side. If you 
look at anatomical drawings you will see that the muscles Wrap at an 
angle. You must insert accross the direction that they move. With the 
tummy it's harder because when you bend at the waist, all sorts of 
weird stuff happens in addition to the muscle movement. It's doable 
but harder. With legs, buttocks, etc... it's pretty straightforward. 
A bit of rotation or a slight move up, down, left right can solve the 
whole problem.

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