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[IP] ON the other hand MNMD

i have never had anything but spectacular service from the 24 hour help  
line...of course, ORDERING has become a nightmare, but in my 9 1/2 years of 
pumping, have feew complaints about the help...of course when I started 
pumping and was calling more often, there weren't 10s of thousands of other 
pumpers...but just this past weekend, I had a tubing come apart on me - it 
actually disengaged itself from teh screw on thing that attaches to the 
reservoir...I didn't notice of course for 3 hours, and so missed a large (for 
me) dinner bolus as well as 3, possibly 4 hours of basal...When I finally 
realized it was separated, I recognized the symptoms of DKA as opposed to 
just full from a good meal - bg was over 500....so i took a SHOT - that is 
what you do in an emergency, then I called to report a faulty set...No, i had 
not swing the pump by the tubing, though I have done it in the past to no 
detrimental affect....Yes, I was on hold for about 10 minutes before someone 
picked up, but like the message says, when you first call, if it is an 
emergency, hang up and dial 911!  no one is gonna DIE from a high blood sugar 
or a broken tubing, so I held....And I got the answering service, to whom i 
explained the problem...she asked me to recheck my bg to make sure i was 
going down, in case I needed to call for help, so I did...then she said she 
would have someone call me back asap...that was about 10 to 15 minutes 
later....by then my bg was creeping down....I explained again...and the girl 
said she owuld send me a mailer to send int he faulty tubing and packaging, 
and would send me replacement sets...I said that was ok - i knew it was just 
a fluke but i wanted to know if that particular lot number had been reported 
as being faulty...nope...

so, it was all good...of course, i didnt go to bed til 345 as I was sneaking 
my bg down rather than slamming it...I was about 300 when I finally went to 
sleeep...down about 230 points in 6 hours....and woke up 118 the next morning 
and didn't have a bg over 150 for the next two days...no rebound.....

I love my minimed 508 pump and realize the only reason there is so much gripe 
about them is cuz they are the biggest company still....I still think the 
best pump is the one YOU have, not hte one anyone else has....

Sara SP

never had a comp
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