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Re: [IP] Minimed Poor Service

Here is my MINIMED Customer Service story...

I have a loaner pump that I started on in June. I have had no insurance for 
YEARS.  I have been fortunate enough that members of IP have sent me supplies 
to get me through the past few months and I have enough to last another few 
months. I am so glad that I have the support of members here.

I JUST recently got approved for Medicaid and called Minimed to tell them and 
put in an order for a pump. I was told that they would get right on it and I 
would hear from someone in a day or so. Well it has now been 6 weeks and NO 
ONE from Minimed has called me about a pump. I have called them 12 times and 
I get switched from one person to another to another. I was told that my 
paperwork had accidentally been sent to another company who supplies Minimed 
pumps and supplies to patients. I was so confused and a LITTLE irritated. I 
told them that if they could not handle my request for a pump better than 
what they were , then I would switch to Animas or Disetronic. They then told 
me that I would hear form them in another day or so. I have STILL to this day 
not heard anything else from Minimed. I do not know if I SHOULD switch to 
another pump company or not.

Anyone have any similar problems or suggestions?


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